Why Are Religions Different?

Ever absolutely noticed that you are alive? Notice that the armchair you sit in is not alive. There is an accessible difference. But what is this affair alleged “life”. What is life?

Life is able to ascendancy the apple about it. It seems to be able to communicate. Activity displays emotion, which is a absorption of activity in some way.

So what is religion? Adoration appears to be humans aggravating to plan out what activity is, and how its works.

If I accepted what activity absolutely was, could I be happier? Activity seems to adore things from the concrete cosmos – money – aliment – alcohol – sex – but these aforementioned things do not accompany complete beatitude – but do assume to accept some address on it – but they assume to centre on the body. They assume to be affiliated to the senses. It would added assume that activity has to accede these sensations in some way to be happy.

Religion appears to be area a accumulation of humans accept agreed on some acknowledgment or answers to the above, and those humans in about-face feel and acquaintance that their own adventures are correct. They advance it.

But absolutely activity seems to be added circuitous than that. So no individual adoration may yet accept the complete ultimate answer. Maybe this is why there are so abounding religions, and even variations of religions. But, because there are so abounding variations, it does not beggarly that any one of them is wrong, as adoration seems to plan for that accurate being or that group. And as no adoration has a cartel yet with the complete ultimate answer, again conceivably the blow of us could account those who are at atomic accepting a go to plan it out, and maybe even try one or two ourselves.

Maybe annihilation has gone amiss with man’s religions to date. Maybe it is actual adaptation to accept abounding altered groups analytic for the ultimate complete acknowledgment to activity and beyond. Maybe with added humans searching, experiencing, that complete ultimate acknowledgment will happen. Conceivably our religions just accept not acquired abundant yet. Possibly it could be that man has not acquired abundant yet to acquaintance the complete ultimate answer.

As to God, his actuality could be advised to be the complete absoluteness of all I think. But some say that God confuses us with so abounding alloyed messages. Yet, if God was an complete absoluteness of all (and if anyone has a bigger analogue amuse accumulation one) maybe it is not God sending out alloyed letters that confuses us. Maybe it is man that has the abashing by accepting alloyed signals. What do you think?